A great way to learn about the Montessori method is to watch videos on YouTube.com.  Here are some links to a few to start with (just click on the underlined words to be directed to the video):

"How to Choose a Montessori Preschool"-   Although this is not our particular classroom, it is a very good example of what a Montessori 3-6 classroom is all about.  Once you visit TMES Casita Preschool, you will notice many similarities.

"A Peek Inside a Montessori Classroom"-   Another good example of a typical Montessori preschool environment.  Notice the calm, serene environment with self-directed students, Montessori work and how the children enjoy learning!

"Montessori Education for the Early Childhood Years"- Great explanation of how Montessori materials and concepts develop the love of learning in students from an early age.

"Infant Toddler Montessori: 'Preparation for Life' "-   Although Casita does not have an infant program currently, this video also speaks about the toddler years and is great at explaining how the Montessori method appeals to the important first years of life.

"Montessori Madness!:  A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education"-  A 'Quick Draw' presentation from a Montessori parent about why he believes a Montessori education is the best way to teach children the love of learning.

"The Montessori Classroom: "The Three Year Cycle""- A great overview of the unique Montessori approach and the importance of our three year cycle.