Ways to Give 


Monetary Donations

One Time Donation

Make a one time contribution in any amount by going to our fundraising website anytime, www.SupportTMES.com .  



Store Partnerships

Shop to earn money for TMES/TMMS! Our school is registered in three programs that give a portion of the money you spend at Smith’s Food & Drug, Target and on General Mills products back to TMES. In order for the money you spend to be eligible, you must register our school. Review the following descriptions to learn how you can help:


Smith’s Food & Drug Stores- Community Rewards Program

To learn more or to register your card, go to www.SmithsCommunityRewards.com Sign in to your Online Account, or create a free account. Then find and select "The Montessori Elementary School" (Organization #80111) and click “Save”.  Have your Fresh Values Card number handy. You must assign our school as your beneficiary every year in December in order for TMES/TMMS to recieve a portion of the money you spend at Smith’s. Our ‘Organization Number’ is: 80111. We are listed under ‘The Montessori Elementary School’. Anyone can sign up for our school! So feel free to pass along the enrollment info to family and friends.  For the 2010-2011 school year, we received a check for $1,569.74 with just 79 people signed up… imagine the possibilites if all of our TMES/TMMS/Casita families signed up!

General Mills

‘Box Tops for Education’ Program Clip and save General Mills ‘Box Tops for Education’. A collection box is available in the office. You may go to www.btfe.com for more information on the program. Our school is registered under ‘Montessori Elementary School’. There are many ways to earn money for TMES/TMMS through the Box Tops program so please visit their website for more information.