Admissions Process


 Policy for Admission

  • Continuing TMEMS students are automatically admitted upon their completion of an Intent to Return Admissions Form.
  • Siblings of current TMEMS students are admitted if appropriate space is available.
  • Applications will be available at the school for pick up and drop off and will also be available on our website.
  • Spaces available will be determined by subtracting the number of continuing students from the number of available spaces for each grade level.
  • If the number of applicants is less than or equal to available spaces for each grade, these students will be notified that they have been admitted to TMEMS for the coming year.
  • If the number of applicants exceeds available spaces for a given grade, a lottery process will be used to fill available spaces for that grade.


The Lottery Process

  • Lotteries shall be held at a Governing Council meeting.
  • Students will be identified by number only during the lottery process.
  • After each applicant’s identification number is drawn, the number shall be announced and recorded in the order drawn until all available spaces are filled. Only the number of available spaces will be drawn in the lottery. For example, if there are four available spaces in a grade level, then only four applicant numbers will be drawn in the lottery or mini-lottery.
  • Space available will be filled by students in the order in which they were drawn.
  • After all available spaces have been filled, the remaining applicants will go back into the grade level pool of applicants. If an opening becomes available after the initial lottery in, a mini-lottery will be held with that grade levels applicant pool.
  • Any student expelled or suspended from any other school, including another Charter School, shall be considered to be expelled or suspended from TMEMS and will not be eligible for admission to TMEMS.
  • Any omission or falsification of pertinent information on the TMEMS application can be considered cause for rescinding of position on enrollment list and loss of drawn placement.