Online Lunch Ordering for the Montano Campus:


Click the blue Orgs Online logo below (or go to for our online lunch ordering system.


A few quick details about the new online lunch ordering system through OrgsOnline:

  • Lunch will be available three times a week.  There are new food offerings so that families can choose from a wide variety of options!
    • Wednesday: Chick-fil-A
    • Thursday: Subway
    • Friday: Mario’s Pizza
  • This online lunch ordering system will be the only way to order food for your student.  We will no longer have paper order forms, cannot accept payment in the office and cannot accept late orders. This online system will streamline the process and enable our school to now offer the option for all Montano Campus students to order lunch.
  • Refunds and credits cannot be given for missed lunches.  If your child is absent on a day that lunch was ordered for them, you (or their sibling) may pick up their lunch items from the office that day.  Due to food safety concerns, we cannot hold onto the food past 4:00 pm the day it was ordered.  Thank you for understanding.
  • Any profit we make from the lunches will go towards our Educational Assistant (EA) Fund!
  • Please note that there will be a $1.25 “Convenience Fee” for every transaction you make.  This fee is per transaction (meaning, every time you make a payment) so please keep this in mind when ordering.  The Convenience Fee charge of $1.25 will appear when you view the total amount due.  The fee helps cover processing fees charged to the lunch program when we accept online payments.  To minimize this fee, you may choose to order for the entire month vs ordering weekly.
  • Currently, we can only accept ACH payments (electronic checks) as this is the most cost effective way to accept online payments through this system.  As this program continues, we may look into additional options too.
  • This program would not be possible without the help from volunteer parents. If you would like to help serve the orders, please sign-up at: .   Thank you in advance for your help in bringing this to our Montano Campus!


*** When ordering, please do not forget to complete your order all the way through the ‘Order Confirmation’ page so your order will be submitted to our system!  If your order is not completed through that page and paid, we will not receive your order to fill it. ***



Click the blue logo below to go to the online food ordering system at . Online Lunch Ordering

Information & Instructions


TMES/TMMS/Casita lunch ordering is now online. All lunch orders should be placed online using the website order form.  To place a lunch order, go to  and log into your account. This is the service that is hosting our lunch ordering system.


To order lunch you will need an Orgs Online user account. To create a new user account, select the “Create New Account” option. Then when asked enter the school code: 503TMEMSNM and provide the information requested to activate your account.


How to Submit an Order

  1. Click on the Lunch tab and select Place Lunch Order. You will submit a separate order for each student’s lunch.
  2. When each order has been submitted, select the Place Order button at the bottom of the page.
  3. After the order has been recorded, you will see an Order Confirmation showing what was ordered and the amount due.


As orders are submitted, the total amount due for your family is listed under the PAY NOW link in the upper left corner of the screen.  If ordering on a phone, and you do not see the PAY NOW link, click the “Menu” icon that looks like =  and usually appears toward the top of a smartphone screen.


After all lunch orders have been submitted, select the Pay Now button to submit your online payment.  Follow the on-screen prompts to complete and submit your payment. A Convenience Fee charge of $1.25 will appear when you view the total amount due. (Note: A “Convenience Fee” when added to the amount due, helps cover processing fees charged to the lunch program when we accept online payments.)


If you have any question regarding your payment, select the View Payments option to see if a payment was recorded to your account. You will see exactly what they system has recorded for your account


You must process each order through until you see the Order Confirmation page.  Do not stop until you see an Order Confirmation for the order being submitted. The system does not recognize an order until you see the Confirmation Page. We cannot process your order if has not been fully submitted and confirmed (meaning, your child will not receive the order until your order has been completed all the way through the Order Confirmation page and paid in advance of the weekly order deadline.) One last note, if you attempt to order after the cut-off date, the system will not accept your order.


Forgotten Password

If you forget your password, select the Forgot My Password option to have your password immediately sent to you.  An automated attendant will send your password to the email address listed in your account. If you do not receive that email then select the Get Help option to submit a Trouble Report.


Please remember: 

  • The first time you visit the school lunch website, login as a first time user to activate your account.
  • You will use the school code: 503TMEMSNM  to activate your account.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to setup your family account.
  • Make sure you select the correct teacher for each student
  • Lunch items may be displayed on order forms based upon the assigned grade.
  • You must place a separate order for each child (or staff member) that is ordering lunch.
  • Submit all orders before selecting the “Pay Now” button to submit a payment.
  • Next time you access your online lunch account you will enter your email address and the password created when you setup your account.
  • If you encounter a login problem use the get help button to request assistance.