Technology at TMES & TMMS


Did you know....

  • We have mobile computer carts with computers for each elementary classroom. 
  • Our students have structured computer lessons/activities beginning in Kindergarten!
  • Each of our middle school students receives a Chrome Book to use for their daily work and use the Google Classroom application!
  • Our students have controlled access to Chrome Books and laptops for testing, assignments, and research on a daily basis!
  • Each of our classrooms has dedicated classroom Chrome Books, in addition to community-available Dell computers.
  • The majority of our middle school classrooms are paperless through the use of Google Classrooms application.
  • Technology is used in our reading and math intervention.
  • Students do their short-cycle assessments, NM-MSSA testing, and SBA testing on our computers/Chrome Books.
  • Our entire school is completely wireless so our classrooms have the ability to utilize the internet remotely.