The Montessori Middle School (TMMS)


Who We Are

Founded in 2011, The Montessori Middle School (TMMS) enrolls 6th, 7th & 8th Year students as a free, public charter school designed to motivate learners in our Fine Arts based school. Our students participate in rigorous academics while being encouraged to embrace curiosity, creativity, and hard work.

Providing structure and a strong foundation from the start, the curriculum allows for increasing independence as students move through the three years, preparing them for the high school environment and beyond. Small classes permit teachers to find their students’ strengths and insist on their best efforts.

Our commitment to the success of every student is absolute. At the same time, we believe that success comes in many forms. Through our extensive fine arts program, curriculum based ‘Land Lab’ trips throughout the year, ample leadership opportunities, strong focus on character development, peace education and community service; TMMS students are encouraged to discover and to demonstrate how to be a productive community member within the classroom, school, community and world.


Mission Statement

We believe that learning is best achieved within a positive social atmosphere that supports each individual’s unique development. TMEMS offers an accelerated program by providing a strong Montessori academic curriculum combined with a unique fine arts program including Suzuki Method, and Visual Arts. The mission of TMEMS is to encourage students grades K-8 to become responsible citizens who have the ability and desire to fulfill lifelong educational and social goals.

Highlights of TMMS

Are you looking for a safe, supportive, close-knit environment for your 6th, 7th or 8th grade student?  Here are just some of the many wonderful aspects of The Montessori Middle School program!

We are a FREE public charter school!

Our students receive a world-class education as a New Mexico state chartered public school.

Student centered learning

We meet the needs of our students through our age appropriate, supportive, and close-knit community.

Strong parent involvement

Our staff is in close contact with parents to ensure that we work as a team for the best interest of each student.

Low student/teacher ratio

With approximately 110 students in our mid-school program, our students benefit from a low student/teacher ratio.

‘Land Lab’ trips throughout the year

TMMS students enjoy many curriculum based day and overnight trips throughout the year!

International opportunities & virtual learning

Throughout the year, TMMS students create a virtual classroom international exchange with Polish students. Our 8th grade students participate in a Polish-American exchange program where they will travel through Poland for 2 weeks with those Polish students!

Strong focus on character building

Students have the opportunity to strengthen their character through our fine arts, electives, community service, peer teaching, and peace education.

Assistance in transitioning to high school & beyond

8th grade students participate in a week long internship and are given opportunities to identify career interests to help with transitioning to high school and their future.