Update:  March 16, 2020

16 Mar, 2020
Update:  March 16, 2020

Dear TMEMS/Casita families,


Here is today’s update from our TMEMS/Casita Administration:

  • We will be posting “Student Activity Recommendations” for each level at our school.  We will compile all of the recommendations online for easy access for families.  Please note that these are simply recommendations.  We will not be creating mandatory work for students and there will not be a grade given for any of the recommendations.  We are not providing educational services but are providing recommendations to help you keep your child active and engaged.  The Student Activity Recommendations will be available on our website soon! 
  • All TMEMS/Casita communication will be distributed from this email address but please know that it is coming from our Administration.  We have instructed all teachers to keep TMEMS/Casita communication to Administration emails only so please know that teachers will not be able to respond to individual emails from parents.  We hope to standardize all the information coming from the school in an effort to keep information equitable and correct.  Thank you for refraining from emailing or contacting individual teachers. 
  • The most current information from the Public Education Department of NM is that the school year will not be extended past the normal calendar.  We will continue to update you as necessary. 
  • The website, www.newmexico.gov , has a wealth of updated information.  We encourage you to use this website to keep up-to-date with factual information coming from the state of NM.




Stan Albrycht
Director of Finance & Admin/CFO


Mary Jane Besante

Executive Director