Each parent that volunteers in the classroom or as a field trip chaperone must get a background check prior to their service.

Confidentiality is essential in all your involvement with students in the classroom. Your observations of individual students in the classroom cannot be discussed with anyone beyond the teacher and EA.


Volunteer Background Check Procedure

To get started volunteering at TMES/TMMS/Casita,  you will need to complete a background check through the FBI.  Please see below for detailed instructions on how to complete a background check to volunteer at our school.

At the sole discretion of our Administration, an exception may be made if you can provide a copy of a background check (with fingerprint component) completed in the last 2 years from another public school or entity that requires a federal/state background check.

For the safety of everyone, background checks submitted will be reviewed by our Administration and must be approved before any applicant may volunteer in our classrooms or chaperone a field trip.  Once approved by our Administration, your background check is good for the duration of the time your child(ren) attends Casita/TMES/TMMS.

Background Check packets are available from the Montano campus office or you may follow the steps below.  Please make sure to bring in the completed forms, fingerprints, and confirmation number to Ms. Amanda in our Montano office so our Administration can approve it for you!


Steps to complete for your TMES/TMMS/Casita background check:

  1. Go to https://nm.state.identogo.com/ and click on Schedule a New Appointment tab.
  2. Click on the "ORI Lookup" button and choose: NM931172Z      THE MONTESSORI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL      22-10A-5 SCHOOL EMPLOYMENT
  3. Complete the form online, pay the background check fee, and print out the confirmation form.
  4. Bring that form to an approved fingerprinting location (you may choose any place on the 'Fingerprint Location Map' page)  to get your fingerprints done.  Fingerprinting is free.  They will give you a confirmation number to return to us.
  5. Bring the Confirmation page to the TMES/TMMS office on Montano or email the Confirmation number to ahagerty@tmesnm.com.  Once we receive your background check back and it has been approved by our Administration, we will give you a volunteer card to show that you have completed the background check process successfully.

To volunteer within the classroom, please contact the teacher directly for classroom opportunities.  We will send out school-wide opportunities via email as they become available.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  We truly appreciate your time, effort, and kindness!