TMEMS Information & Updates (5/3/24)

3 May, 2024
TMEMS Information & Updates (5/3/24)


Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week (5/6/24 - 5/10/24)

We had such a tremendous response to our teacher/staff appreciation sign up that we wanted to present another optional opportunity to show your support of our wonderful staff! 


Gift Card Extravaganza!

: We are looking for donations of any type of gift card for any dollar amount to raffle off during teacher/staff appreciation week for our staff. (It can be a $5-$10 dollar gift card, it doesn’t have to be for a large amount.)

How: If you purchase a gift card, please bring it into the front office. Ms. Amanda will put together the raffle. 

When: Please turn in your gift card donation by Monday, 5/6/24 by 8:30am

Ideas for Gift Cards: Starbucks, Pinon Coffee, Amazon, Visa, local restaurants, movies, etc.


Our goal is to have a gift card for all of our 60+ staff members so whatever gift cards you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support of our hardworking and wonderful TMEMS staff.  


Feel free to email Ms. Amanda with any questions or concerns,

2024 Strings Party in the Park

What: This is an optional annual event that our strings teachers put on for students and families. Students play their instruments and families picnic and enjoy the music. Click the link below for more information!

When: Thursday, May 30th, arrive at 3:00pm for tuning, play at 3:30pm
Where: Columbus Park, Douglas MacArthur Rd NW, just east of TMEMS on Montano Rd (the pirate ship park)


Link for more information: 


Are you withdrawing your student from TMEMS  for the 2024-2025 school year? 

Disregard this message if you are planning on attending TMEMS next school year, 2024-2025. 


If you are withdrawing your student from TMEMS next year, 2024-2025, please fill out the linked withdrawal form as soon as possible and return  it to Ms. Amanda, or send it in your student’s gold communication folder. We have a long waitlist and we would like to notify families if we have a spot available. 


If you are withdrawing for the 2024-2025 school year, please put May 31, 2024 as your last day at TMEMS. 


By filling out the withdrawal form, you are only withdrawing for the upcoming year. It will not impact this school year, 2023-2024. 


Thank you for helping us get our student numbers figured out for the upcoming year. 


Link to Withdrawal Form: 

End of Year Balances

The end of the school year is fast approaching! Please go on to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal or come in person to our Main campus to pay your balance through the month of April.  Students cannot carry balances from one year to the next so please log in to your parent portal as soon as possible to view fees and begin paying down the balance so that your child's student account will be in good standing by the end of the year. 



Please reach out right away if you have questions or need help logging in to your parent portal. Contact Ms. Claudia,

Reminders from the Health Office

Incoming kindergarteners and current 6th grade students will need additional vaccinations to enter the 24/25 school year. Check with your pediatrician or the NM Vaxview Website to make sure your child is up to date. PLEASE make sure that proof of vaccination is reported before the first day of school.

Talk with your child’s healthcare provider to find out which vaccines they need. To keep track of your child’s vaccination history, you can request a copy of their vaccination record from their healthcare provider. You may also check the NM Vaxview Website which gives you online access to your own and your family’s vaccine records.

Pharmacies are another location to get vaccinations. Ask your local pharmacy about what vaccinations they offer, what ages of children they vaccinate, and the costs they charge. Pharmacies typically accept most health insurances.

The Department of Health also provides vaccinations. These vaccinations can be at a reduced cost or even free. Visit the DOH website 

* If you do not plan on vaccinating your student, we will need a notarized and approved exemption form before the first day of school. This process can take up to 60 days. Exemption Form

All medications that have been stored in the health office during the school year must be picked up by 3 o'clock on May 31st, by a parent. Medications that are not picked up by a parent, will be destroyed. There are no exceptions, we can not store meds over the summer.

Kindergarten, 5th Grade, and 8th Grade Graduations 

Keep an eye out for more information from your student’s teacher. Email your student’s homeroom teacher with questions. 

Carmel Campus Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony:

  • Ms. Jill: 5/28/24

  • Ms. Joy/Ms. Alicia: 5/29/24

  • Location: TMEMS Carmel Campus 


Montano Campus Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony:

  • Ms. Sonia: 5/30/24

  • Location: TMEMS Main Campus


5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony:

  • All classes 5/22/24

  • Location: TMEMS Main Campus


8th Grade Graduation: 

  • 5/29/24

  • Location: UNM Student Union Building (Level 2) 

End of the Year FieldTrips

  • 6th grade End of Year trip to Cottonwood Gulch: Monday, May 6th through Wednesday, May 8th


  • 5th grade End of Year trip to Glorieta Adventure Camps: Thursday, May 8th through Friday, May 9th

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