Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

 Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
Location: Montano Campus

Constitution Day is September 17th which is Sunday, but the Honor Guard is available Monday the 18th to bring attention to this important event in U.S. history.  TMEMS will be celebrating this year's Constitution Day and Citizenship Day to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution on Monday, September 18, 2023. At the Montano Campus, we will be having the Team Kirtland Honor Guard visit and post colors outdoors in front of the school for students to say the morning pledge together.* Officers will visit for a few minutes to speak with students about the flag and what it means to be a citizen to represent our nation in celebration and guard our national treasures and honor those who have served. Students will also have an opportunity to ask the officers questions about the flag, uniforms, and the reasons they joined the Honor Guard.


Our Carmel (Casita) Campus will also be celebrating Constitution Day with their own celebration at their campus that our teachers will lead and organize. 


Standards being addressed during this celebration: 

NM K-8 Common Core Social Studies Standards

K.10. Identify the local, state, and national symbols (e.g., flag, bird, song)

1.13. Investigate significant events, people, and observances in history and discuss their effects on local and national communities.

2.11. Examine and understand the various qualities of leadership

3.9. Explain how to be a responsible and active citizen in a democracy.

4.8. Explain how democratic principles guide local, state, and sovereign governments.

4.9. Demonstrate understanding that state symbols, holidays, traditions, and songs represent various cultural heritages, natural treasures, and the democratic values of New Mexico.

5.9. Analyze how different individuals and groups influenced the creation and interpretation of the founding documents.

5.10. Explain how the principles of the founding documents and the principle of liberty became

unifying ideas of American democracy.

6.33. Identify rights and responsibilities of citizens and noncitizens in civic participation within the governmental systems such as monarchy, democracy, republic, and oligarchy

7.28. Describe the role of citizens in ensuring the long-term survival of their community, including cooperation, obligations, rights, and responsibilities.

8.26 Describe the role of community members in ensuring the long-term survival of their community, including cooperation, obligations, rights, and responsibilities. 


*All classrooms will participate, however, students are not required to say the pledge.

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