5th grade fieldtrip to Sandia Mountain Natural History Center

No upcoming dates for this event.
Location: Sandia Mountain Natural History Center in Cedar Crest, NM

5th grade students will be going on a special fieldtrip to Cedar Crest, NM at the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center.  The majority of the day will be devoted to a moderate 2 mile guided hike through the forest, across meadows, and up and down rocky mountainsides.  Students will be learning about the ecosystem of the Sandia Mountains while taking part in activities designed to engage children in science while in an outdoor setting.


• Eat breakfast!!!
• Notebook and pencil
• Water bottle
• Lunch
• Backpack
• Be prepared for a 1½-2 mile hike
• Dress appropriately
• Consider: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses

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