Tyler SIS Parent Portal



The Tyler SIS Parent Portal link is: https://sdm.sisk12.com/NMME360x3/login 



The Tyler SIS Parent Portal is where all TMEMS/Casita families will register their child and keep up with many important aspects of our school.  You will be able to see your child’s assignments, grades, account information, attendance and current school announcements.  You will also be able to update your contact info, change emergency contact info and more, whenever you would like to, through the Parent Portal.  It is your responsibility to keep the Parent Portal updated with your current contact info and the current contact info of others on your Emergency Pick-up list.  This includes email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, etc.  Please make sure to update the Parent Portal whenever any contact information changes!


There is an option to download a ‘Tyler Student 360’ app on your phone once you have created an account.  We have found this app to be very helpful in keeping up-to-date and encourage you to download it on your phone or device!  It is available on both Apple and Android devices.  Just search for: Tyler Student 360 .  The sign in info on the app is the same as signing in using a computer.

Some important things to keep in mind about the Typer SIS Parent Portal:

  • Your User Name is your complete email address!  For example:  janedoe@gmail.com
  • Your password was created the first time you registered the account.  If you forgot your password, click on "Forgot your password?" on the sign-in page.  If that does not work, you are welcome to contact us in the office so we can help you reset your password.
  • Make sure you are on the "PARENT" tab when you are logging in. (The PARENT tab is located under the TMEMS logo, between STAFF and STUDENT tabs)
  • We have found that you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker to use the Parent Portal the first time.  If you are not receiving the prompt to create a password when first registering, please make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off!
  • Many parents have reported that Google Chrome and Firefox browsers are the best for this particular site.  If you are having trouble signing in, please switch to Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • If you are still having trouble, please contact Ms. Lorraine in our office at lmoore@tmesnm.com .

Here are some basic things to know about the Tyler SIS Parent Portal when registering for the first time:

1.       You will receive an email from Tyler SIS for a Parent Portal from TPP@tmesnm.com, when it is time to register your child for the year.  There will be a link in the email to create an account.  This link is a special link, specific to your email address.  To create an account, simply click on the link and enter your email address as your User Name.  It will then prompt you to create a password.  We suggest using a computer to complete the registration process instead of a mobile device.
2.       Once you have created an account, log-in to the Tyler SIS Parent Portal using the log-in information you set-up in Step 1 above.  (If you did not log-in within 24 hours from when you received the link from Tyler SIS, your link is now expired.  You will need to contact us for a new link and must create an account within 24 hours of the email being sent.)  Your User Name to sign-in is your email address.  The Tyler SIS Parent Portal link is: https://sdm.sisk12.com/NMME360x3/login

The link to sign in to the Tyler SIS Parent Portal is: