Middle School Distance Learning & Student Activity Recommendations:


Dear TMMS families,

TMEMS is doing its part to collaborate effectively and contribute to your children’s educational needs while complying with the Governor’s public health order. During this challenging time, we are working to make education from home feasible by providing Chromebooks to check out through the school and uploading platforms directly to the school Chromebooks. Through the TMEMS Chromebooks, your children will have access to educational platforms, such as IXL, Google Classroom, Zoom and Renaissance Home Connect and coordinate face time or online chatting time with their teachers. Your son/daughter can click on these links directly from their desktop for easy access.

In order to make this transition easier, we are providing you with the log-in information for these sites, if necessary, in the hopes that education from home is even easier.

Description:        Renaissance-for accessing quizzes online, remedial/practice work in Math & Reading

                              ixl.com-for practicing skills in Language Arts, Math, Science and History

                              Google Classroom-to continue classroom work as normal with TMMS teachers

Please see below for a sample TMMS student schedule and recommended activities to do outside of curricular work. The TMMS teachers will be assigning continued curricular work and activities for the core subjects that your son/daughter can do on a schedule that works for your family. 

Please help your son/daughter come up with times to dedicate to their education. If you have any questions or academic concerns, the TMMS teachers will be checking their emails daily and you can expect to hear back from them within 24 hours.

By now you should have recieved an email from your child's homeroom teacher with the user names and passwords for different websites our TMMS students will be using during their distance-learning. If you did not recieve an email, please email your child's homeroom teacher today.

If you have any problems with technical issues, please email homeroom teacher first and then follow up with techsupport@tmesnm.com to get more specific tech questions answered. 

For any help or questions please have your son/daughter email their teacher during the week at the adresses below. 

All our best,

Alex Leriou-  aleriou@tmesnm.com                                             

Kimber Orr-  korr@tmesnm.com                                              

Victoria Baca-  vbaca@tmesnm.com 

Alissa Sanchez-  asanchez@tmesnm.com 



Daily Suggested Activities:




Montessori Practical Life Activities:

During this time we encourage your child(ren) to spend lots of time outside, helping around the house, being creative and using self-direction.

  • Nature walks
  • Drawing
  • Journaling
  • Online Research of Issues of Interest
  • Baking & Cleaning
  • Taking care of plants and animals


Community Fun Calendar:

We hope that you will also join us in helping our community strong by doing some of the daily activites we have planned on our TMEMS/Casita Community Fun Calendar!  Our staff will be joining in on this to lend some positivity to our community during these trying times.  

For a printable copy of the Community Fun Calendar, click here!

To join the fun on our school's Facebook page, click here!