9-11 Level Distance Learning & Recommendations:


A letter from your 9-11 teachers:

Dear 9-11 Families,

          We hope this letter sees you doing well and staying healthy.  These are unusual and stressful times, and we acknowledge that and want you to know we care for you and your child’s wellbeing. Although we cannot meet with your children in person, TMES is committed to providing learning opportunities during these weeks of school closure.  As teachers, we have been meeting and planning on what we feel will provide a good platform for that learning.  We understand that there are a variety of circumstances every family is enduring right now, so please use this guidance as it suits your family.  None of this is intended to add undue stress or pressure on families.  Also, we are here to work through any technology or other challenges with you.

We would like to spend the next few weeks focusing on reinforcing material the students have been exposed to this year.  Our emphasis will be on these areas: writing, reading, math, and social wellness.  We will use Google Classroom as our primary platform, and all assigned works will be accessible on your child’s homeroom teacher’s Google Classroom.  All work will be assigned in a day’s post, but will be available at 9 am each Monday.  Your child can work at their preferred pace but we ask that all the week’s work is completed by 9 pm each Friday.  We also are offering extension work, such as individual projects, for those students that work quickly and would like additional learning opportunities.


Please see the "Monday- Friday Daily Curriculum for 9-11 students" in the column below to give you more information about what we have envisioned for our 9-11 students!


Some important notes:

●      Because this is new to us all, we anticipate there might be a learning curve with the use of technology from home.  We have included some tutorials to help out.  We also will try to troubleshoot as much as we can.

●      All 9-11 students should use their Google Classroom login that they have used previously at school. As an example the login should look like this: firstnamelastname@tmesnm.com  and they should use the password they normally use to get into their Chromebook.

●      The school has purchased IXL to support our learning at this time and those usernames and passwords have changed from what students were using previously.  Please email your child’s homeroom teacher to get this information.  The website address for students to login is: https://www.ixl.com/signin/montessorisch

●      We are available to answer questions via email during the week.  Please encourage your child to email us as well. We will try to get back to you or your child as soon as possible.

●      We are looking forward to connecting with your child in this new way, we will do our best to make appropriate adjustments as things develop and change.


Please email us and we will respond.  Take care!


Email addresses:

Ms. Emily- erichards@tmesnm.com

Ms. Molly- mheavilin-dobrian@tmesnm.com

Ms. Sherry- shaworth@tmesnm.com


A helpful link:

Google classroom general use tutorial.


9-11 Grading information during distance-learning





Monday- Friday Daily Curriculum for 9-11 students:


  • Daily math worksheet on Google Classroom
  • Daily IXL assigned problems


  • Daily journal entry on Google Classroom
  • Daily IXL assigned language skill practice
  • Daily Readworks short reading piece with comprehension questions
  • Entries in reading log

Social Wellness-

  • Random acts of kindness lesson/activity (once a week)
  • Daily exercise or act of self-care


  • Ideas for individual research and exploration of different topics


Quick Links for 9-11 websites:

     Sign in: firstnamelastname@tmesnm.com use the password you used at school

     Get password from your homeroom teacher via email

     Your class code and password will be on Google Classroom, enter it then find your name.


Suggested Daily Work Plan/Schedule for 9-11:

We have created a daily work plan to help our 9-11 students schedule themselves effectively during this closure.  This is of course just a suggestion but we feel it can really help our students stay happy, healthy and continue on a balanced schedule.  Click on the link below to access our daily work plan/schedule and if possible, print it out to make it easily accessible to your child!  One idea would be to place the print-out in a plastic sheet protector and have your child check off their daily progress with a dry erase marker.  We hope you find this daily work plan and schedule helpful!

Click here for a printable Daily Work Plan/Schedule for 9-11 students





Practical Life Suggested Activities for 9-11 students:

Here are some ideas for activities that your child can do as Montessori Practical Life at home.  These activities can help foster your child’s independence and provide a contribution to your home during this unusual time of school closure. 


●      Meal plan

●      Prep food and cook

●      Set the table for a meal

●      Serve others and clear dishes when finished

●      Do dishes/run dishwasher

●      Bake

●      Prepare a snack or tea

●      Fold laundry

●      Water and maintain plants

●      Weed/garden

●      Do yard work for a neighbor in need

●      Start a compost and maintain it

●      Care for animals- feed/water/clean cages

●      Organize room

●      Dust and vacuum

●      Sew

●      Knit or crochet

●      Organize family memories (photos, videos)

●      Small construction projects using tools- building a birdhouse, shelves

●      Create art for yourself or family members

●      Write a letter to a relative or friend and mail it

●      Learn a specific new skill through your computer (a language such as Spanish, French, etc.)





Community Fun Calendar:

We hope that you will also join us in helping our community strong by doing some of the daily activites we have planned on our TMEMS/Casita Community Fun Calendar!  Our staff will be joining in on this to lend some positivity to our community during these trying times.  

For a printable copy of the Community Fun Calendar, click here!

To join the fun on our school's Facebook page, click here!