Distance-Learning & Student Activity Recommendations

We hope you all are safe and doing well.  As a school we wanted to offer some ideas for engaging your child while our campuses are closed.  We hope these ideas and curriculum will assist you in these trying times.  Please click on the links below to go directly to your child's level page.   This activities are not required and are not being graded.  We hope that all our students participate.

We will be updating the information on this page, and each level's page, as needed.  Please be patient with us as we work through this new distance-learning technique and work out any kinks that occur.  We appreciate your continued support and hope you find this information helpful!

All of our distance-learning curriculum can be accessed from any Android or Apple device too!


Please click on the following links to be directed to each level's curriculum and recommendations:





TMEMS/Casita Distance-Learning:

Each level has created specific distance-learning curriculum for their students.  We encourage you to click on the link for your child's level each day and use the page as a starting point for your child's distance-learning during the school closure. 


Password or User Name Sign-In Help:  (It may take up to 24 hours to get a response)

  • If you have questions about User Names or Passwords for different websites (IXL, Renaissance, etc), please contact your child's teacher directly. 
  • If you have issues regarding Google Classroom sign-in info, please contact your child's teacher first, then contact us at techsupport@tmesnm.com if you need further help.


How to log into a TMEMS Chromebook:

Many of our students will know how to sign-in to our Chromebooks already.  First ask your child if they know how to sign-in.  Here are detailed instructions to help them if they are not sure:

  1. Open the Chromebook and turn it on.
  2. Set up the wifi to your home network.
  3. The "Sign in to your Chromebook" page will pop up.  The User Name should be entered into the "Enter your email" box.  (@tmesnm.com is already populated in the box).  Click Next or use the Enter button. (Most User Names are the first initial and last name of your child.  For example:  John Doe would be jdoe .)
  4. Then enter the password for your child's account in the "Enter your password" box.  You can click on the icon of the eye to see what you type in.  Click Next or press the Enter button.
  5. Our Chromebooks are set to connect to our website, www.tmesnm.com , first. 
  6. If you have any issues, please contact techsupport@tmesnm.com .


If you did not pick-up a TMEMS Chromebook but would like a Google log-in for your TMEMS/Casita student:

Even if your child does not have a Chromebook from TMEMS, you can still have the benefit of a Google log-in from us!  The benefit of requesting a Google log-in from TMEMS is that we have student filters set up to help keep your child safe online.  These filters are not perfect but do help in filtering out and blocking some questionable content online and helps mitigate online access.

To request a Google sign-in for your child, simply send an email to techsupport@tmesnm.com with your request.  Please include your name, your child's name and their current TMEMS/Casita teacher's name.  We will create the sign-in for you and email you back with the info.  



TMEMS/Casita Student Activity Recommendations:

Our hope is that your child is self-directed and engaged in their own learning while using their imagination and applying their creativity.  Staying physically active and getting fresh air is essential.  A routine will keep children, and families, healthy and happy.


As a school we recommend these daily activities for all of our students:

  • Reading (see your child’s level for specific time recommendations)
  • Getting outside as much as possible
  • Physical activity
  • Enjoy Montessori ‘Practical Life’ skills as a family
  • Participating in art and music in some way


Community Fun Calendar:

We have also created a Community Fun Calendar to help us stay connected through this closure.  We hope you will consider joining in on the fun by doing the community-building activities and posting on our daily Facebook post.  Our school Facebook page can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/TMESNM/ .  Join us! 

One important note about our Facebook posts: 

We will require all posts to be positive, respectful and kind. We will ban anyone who does not stay positive, respectful and kind. 

Thank you for respecting that policy and have fun!


For a printable TMEMS/Casita "Community Fun Calendar", click here.

To be connected directly to each level's page, please click the links below: