TMES/TMMS/Casita Montano Campus

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedure!



Please see map for a visual reference for the Pick-Up procedure.


Morning Drop-Off- 

Please note:  TMMS Students may be dropped off beginning at 8:20 am sharp, with TMES & Casita students beginning at 8:30 am sharp.  If students are dropped off before those allowed times, they will be escorted to our Before Care program and parents will be billed accordingly.  Please see our Before & After Care Program page for complete childcare and fee details.  


You may drop off your student in one of three ways:

  1.  Drop your student off at the sidewalk on the circle; please make sure they are on the sidewalk before you leave.  (This method is for students that are ready to exit the car quickly.  If you have to exit the car to help your child out in any way, please use one of the other two options below.)
  2. Pull into one of the many spots that are along the sidewalk and insure your child is on the sidewalk before you leave.  (This method would be great for students that take a little longer to exit the car.)
  3. Park and walk your student into the building. (Please note:  This is the only option you can use if your child arrives at any time after 9:00 am sharp.)



Afternoon Pick Up- 

Please note: any student not picked by 4:00 pm sharp will be escorted to After Care and parents will be billed accordingly.  See our Before & After Care page for childcare details and fees.


NORTH AREA- Now for *TMMS* students and their siblings (labeled “TMMS & TMMS Siblings NORTH Pickup” on map):

  • Who gets picked up at the NORTH AREA? Only middle school students and their TMES siblings.
    • Enter from the main east entrance of the school and immediately turn right into the north side of school.
    • Two lanes are available for pick up; please choose and stay in one lane. Students will be released to walk to your car after checking in with the teacher on duty.
    • Cars in both lanes must merge into one lane to exit onto Montano (east bound).

North Drive-Thru pick-up reminders for TMMS & their siblings:

  • TMMS students and their siblings will be separated by the TMMS homeroom class.  You will see a sign of each homeroom teacher under the awning.
  • Please use both lanes for pick-up.  Don’t forget that you merge into one lane when exiting our school.
  • This is a drive-thru pick-up procedure so unless you need to help your child with their seat belt, please stay in your car.
  • Students were directed to shake the hand of our staff members before they leave so our staff is aware of each student’s departure.


SOUTH AREA*4-6 Level* students now picked up here too!  (labeled “SOUTH Parking Area for 6-9 & 9-11” and also “4-6 Parking Area” on map):

  • Who gets picked up at the SOUTH AREA? All 6-9, 9-11 & 4-6 students that are not siblings to TMMS students. Students are picked up from 3:30 - 4:00pm.
  • Enter from the main east entrance of the school, continue South toward the main parking lot.
  • Students will be at their designated class pick up area with their class at 3:30pm.
  • All parents must park your car and pick up your child/children from their class E.A.  Parents may not stay in their car and wave their child over, no matter what level the student is in.  All students (4-6, 6-9 &9-11) must be picked up from their class EA by an approved pick-up person.
  • Refer to map to locate your child/children’s class.

South Parking Lot pick-up reminders:

  • Parents must park their car and walk up to each class group to pick-up their child in the South Parking Lot.  Our staff has been directed to not dismiss a child to parents until the parent has walked up to the class at the designated spot on the map.  We also reminded the students to stay with their class until they have reached the designated spot so please do not try to take your child out of line in the hallway or while the class is walking outside.
  • We have asked students to shake the hand of their teacher or EA before leaving with parents so our staff is aware of each students departure.


General Information & Reminders:

  • Refer to map for traffic flow direction and specifics.  It is very important that you do not go against the flow of traffic at any time or make a left out of the campus onto Montano at any time.
  • Notify the school ASAP if your pick up plans change.
  • Also, remember to drive slowly, stay off your cell phone, keep music to a low level and be aware of your surroundings at all times!