Kindergarten Level Curriculum

Designed around the interests of the young elementary child, the Kindergarten level program offers a consistent, dependable routine with large blocks of uninterrupted work time.  The classroom schedule encourages the child’s spontaneous activity and fosters development of the creative process, integrated personality and a strong sense of self.  The curriculum includes materials and encourages activities that promote practical life activities, sensory-motor experiences, literacy, language arts, numeracy, creative arts, science and geography.  Each activity or exercise in the our curriculum is structured to provide purpose, procedure, closure and opportunity for success.



Specific Indicators for Success for NM Public School Kindergarten Students

1. The child must be no younger than five years old on or before September 1 of the school year to enter the public Kindergarten program.
(This is a state statute for NM Public Schools and no exceptions are granted.)

2. The child must be capable of attending to a given task for a specific time period. (Time varies with task).

3. The child must demonstrate self-motivation and self control.

4. The child’s maturity and emotional development are appropriate for kindergarten or above.


Common Core Goals/State Standards