Our Staff:  2018-2019


3-6 Level:


Melissa Torrisi                                                      

Melody Turner                                                                         

Sharon Shepard                                                     

Jill McCallum                             


Shanelle Yazzie

Sabrina Hernandez

Cindy Maxwell

Joy Gunn

Alicia Martinez


6-9 Level:


Kira Akmajian                                                         

Sonia Williams                                                     

Claire Alecksen                                                       

Trish Koons                                                             

Jen Snitchler                                                            

Emily Richards                                       


Lillian Kelly

Angela Pike

Kimberly Humphries

Josie Hanes


9-11 Level:


Karena Fleming                                                      

Seth Stambaugh                                                  

Karen Reck                                                                  


Leilani Torres

Manuel Carranza


The Montessori Middle School:

6th grade- Sherry Haworth                                                   

6th grade- Kimber Orr                                              

7th grade- Sean Stambaugh                                    

7th grade- Lorette Lambert

8th grade- Alissa Sanchez

8th grade- Amanda Hagerty


Fine Arts:

Tonja Brandt- General Music                                            

Megan Holland – Strings                                         

Nick Upton - Cello                                                   

James Holland – Strings


Special Education:

Diego Lucero



Mary Jane Besante – Principal /Director

Stan Albrycht –Business Manager/HR

Amy Romero – Vice Principal



Rachel Jones – Administrative Assistant/Registrar

Lorraine Moore – Administrative Assistant

Brenda Johnson – Administrative Assistant

MJ Sams - Development Coordinator/Casita Preschool Director     

Ryan Hagerty - Building Maintenance


Before and After Care:

Michael Sedillo - Before Care/After Care           

Joseph Day - Before Care/After Care

Katie Albrycht - Before Care/After Care             

Alissa Cordova– Before Care/After Care

Candace Greer – Before Care/After Care

Monica Sanchez – Before Care/After Care