Ms. Lisa

9-11 Teacher








Classroom Schedule



Volunteer Opportunities


  • Parent volunteer to wash two cloth table cloths every other week
  • Parent volunteer to create small knitting work and demonstration for practical life
  • Parent volunteer to create small sewing work and demonstrating for practical life
  • Parent volunteer for PE on Fridays. The volunteer will have the support of two EAs but can plan and lead activities


After the 6 week period of normalization for students, I would like to invite parent volunteers into the classroom.  I am specifically looking for help with:

         - listening to students read (following prepared reading comprehension materials)

        - grading math facts practice/minute math

        - assistance for students with laptops during computer lab time

        - preparing materials


If you are interested in volunteering, either regularly or on special occasions, please email me at so we can plan the best fit for everyone.


Scholastic Book Orders

A link to our class Scholastic page for ordering books:

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