Ms. Karen Reck

9-11 Teacher



Ms. Karen is delighted to return for her tenth year at TMES. She was Ms. Kari's E.A. student teacher in the 9-12 classroom for two years (2006-2008). Ms. Karen completed Montessori 6-9 training and certification with North American Montessori Center (NMAC), and graduated from UNM with a Masters in Elementary Education in 2008. She completed her 9-12 (Upper Elementary) certification with NMAC in April 2012. She is a New Mexico State licensed Level II Teacher. This is her eighth year as a head teacher - her fifth in the Upper Elementary environment.

Ms. Karen is a native of Albuquerque and lives in Los Ranchos with her husband, their cat, pond fish, toads, birds, and lots of other critters in their yard. She has two adult daughters, Ms. Kira, a dancer and 6-9 teacher at TMES, and Adrianne, a marine biologist who lives in Washington State.

Ms. Karen's undergraduate degree is in Fine Arts. She co-owned an art gallery in downtown Albuquerque during the 1980s. She dances Argentine Tango, designs bead jewelry, and enjoys reading, photography, and gardening. She is a native of Albuquerque.


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Ms. Karen's class daily schedule 2015-2016