TMMS Middle School Program, grades 6th - 8th


The year is divided into four units, which alternate annually, each of these focusing on a different theme. Science, Language Arts and History classes focus on these themes, using guided questions to encourage student involvement and to create an integrated curriculum. The driving questions behind the adolescent plane of development is-How does this help me understand the world and my place in it? In addition to the main subject areas, other classes include: Geography, Personal Reflection, Independent Study, Fine Arts (Studio Art, Orchestra, or General Music, Physical Education as well as Electives-which currently include Athletic Conditioning., Academic Pentathlon, Eco-Explorers, Journalism, Drama, Clay Studio, and Chorus.


 Specific Indicators for Success-

  1. The child must be no younger than eleven years old.
  2. The child must be capable of attending to a given task for a specific time period. (Time varies with task).
  3. The child must demonstrate self-motivation and self control.
  4. The child's maturity and emotional development are appropriate for sixth grade and above.
  5. The child has a willingness to be part of a large community.


TMMS currently enrolls students in grades 6th, 7th and 8th.  We have five TMMS teachers: