Ms. Jenn Snitchler

6-9 Teacher



This will be Ms. Jenn’s 13th year teaching.    She is Montessori trained and holds her Level II Teaching License and a B.A. in Psychology.    Perpetually learning, she has attended Oberlin Conservatory of Music, CU Boulder, CNM and UNM.    She plays the piano, reads, travels and camps with her family when she is not teaching.    She is studying Watercolor Painting from her favorite local artist.  


Wish List

  • Electric Pencil Sharpener
  • Carpet Sweeper
  • Small pillows for the library
  • Small paper cups
  • Plastic utensils
  • Microwavable lunches (for students who forget lunch)
  • Low-maintenance/ low light plants
  • Gently worn books for our Birthday Book Box (age appropriate please)
  • Dried lentils for practical life area
  • Any old locks – combination or key – for practical life area
  • Old phones – any style – for practical life area
  • Old keyboards for practicing typing skills
  • Mailing envelopes for practical life
  • Book of stamps for our letter writing work


Volunteer Opportunities      

Please be thinking about ways you might be interested in becoming involved with our amazing classroom.

Classroom parents may contact you regarding classroom announcements or volunteer opportunities.

To get you thinking, here are some ideas:

  • I would love several background checked volunteers for field trips, listening to readers in our classroom, general classroom help (please contact the office ASAP if you are interested as this takes a little while to get approved.
  • Laminating/material making
  • Artists and/or creative people to help us plan our Silent Auction Item/s for Spring Gala (we really need to begin planning this far in advance).
  • Volunteer your time to teach something you are interesting share…in the past, we have had demonstrations on Arachnids, Australian music, Japanese culture, presentations from visual Artists...the sky is the limit. 
  • Help with Science Experiments
  • Volunteers for class events (Winter Party, Valentine’s Day, International Children’s Day)
  • Other special events, as they come up, such as Roald Dahl Day – TBA



We are doing it differently this year.  The Birthday student may bring a sharing and, if he/she wishes, a healthy snack.  We are asking that you save the sugary sweets for outside of class.  I have found, over the last couple of years, more and more students have dietary restrictions and can’t eat certain treats.  It also takes up a great deal of instruction time to hold the birthday circle.  

In place of those traditions, we will build new ones. 

  1. Students may bring a sharing
  2. Optional healthy snack – fruit, crackers/cheese, bagels, etc.    If you send a snack, please plan for 29.
  3. Students will write a birthday message for the birthday student and it will be made in a little book to go home.
  4. Students will get to choose a book from my Birthday Book Box to take home.  The box will be well supplied with my own hand-me down books and donations.  (If you have books you’d like to contribute please let me know).