TMES 6 - 9, Lower Elementary Program


Designed around the broad interests of the elementary child, the six to nine year old program offers an enriched and exciting integrated curriculum that is sequential and cumulative. Language and math are core subjects that are integrated throughout the entire program, and all subject areas are presented in complement to each other. Great lessons involving the Time Line of Life, geography, zoology and botany are presented as to stir the imagination as they unveil the concept of order in the universe. The program goals are to develop within the child a sense of self worth, respect for others, and a quest for knowledge.


Specific Indicators for Success

1. The child must be no younger than six years old on or before September 1 of the school year.  (This is a state statute for Public Schools and no exceptions are granted.)

2. The child must be capable of attending to a given task for a specific time period. (Time varies with task).

3. The child must demonstrate self-motivation and self control.

4. The child's maturity and emotional development are appropriate for first grade or above.


The Lower Elementary is comprised of ages 6 to 9 years of age, grades 1 thru 3.  We currently have six classes serving these grades.


Ms. TrishLead Teacher
Ms. Kira
Ms. Jen
Ms. Sonia
Ms. Claire

Ms. Emily