Ms. Megan Holland

Strings Teacher



Originally from Albuquerque, Megan Holland began studying the violin at age four with Susan Kempter, nationally renowned pedagogue, author and Suzuki teacher trainer.  She later studied privately with Leonard Felberg, former Professor of Violin at the University of New Mexico, concertmaster of the Santa Fe Symphony and violinist of the Seraphin Trio.  She is an alumn of the Albuquerque Junior Symphony, the Albuquerque Youth Symphony and the New Mexico All-State Symphony Orchestra, serving as concertmaster for all three orchestras and performing as concerto soloist with the AYS. Megan holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Violin Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music and a Master of Music degree in Violin Performance from  the University of Southern California. She received her Suzuki training through all 10 books from Susan Kempter.  Megan has performed throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.  She plays regularly with Chatter, Albuquerque Chamber Soloists and various other ensembles around New Mexico. This is Megan’s second year at TMES.


Class Schedule 2015-2016



9:00-9:45 Maura/Lauren group lesson, 3rd years

9:45-10:30 Maura/Lauren group lesson, 2nd years

10:30-11:30 Lisa masterclass

12:30-2:00 Natasha masterclass


9:00-9:45 Lisa/Jenn group lesson, 3rd years

9:45-10:30 Lisa/Jenn group lesson, 2nd years

10:30-11:30 Maura masterclass

12:30-2:00 Karen masterclass


9:00-9:45 Kira/Tricia group lesson, 3rd years

9:45-10:30 Kira/Tricia group lesson, 2nd years

10:30-11:30 Lauren masterclass

12:30-2:00 Mandi masterclass


9:00-10:00 Tricia masterclass

10:00-11:00 Kira masterclass

11:00-12:00 Jenn masterclass

1:00-2:00 advanced group lesson


Required Class Material List

  • Violin
  • Bow
  • Nametag for the case
  • Rosin (usually included with the violin)
  • Shoulder rest or violin sponge (I recommend Kun or Viva. Robertsons carries blue sponges that can be used also. Make sure you get the correct size for your instrument.)
  • Suzuki violin school volume 1, book and CD (the CD should be at the back of the book. Check to make sure! Also, both are available digitally from iTunes and Amazon, for those of you without a CD player.)
  • Fingernail clippers (please take some time to teach your child how to safely clip their fingernails.)
  • 3 ring binder (1 inch)

Students MUST bring their instrument and binder home after each violin day. Students are required to practice every night. We are also tight on space, so it is very important that nothing is left behind.  



All students will have Strings twice a week. 


Here is a description of the different classes: 

Master Classes (all students)

Students will be pulled from their classrooms in groups of 5-8 students. During that time, students will receive individual attention from me. This is where I will assign new techniques and repertoire. Due to the volume of students, it is possible that each student may not get to play each week. In a Masterclass setting, the students learn from each other. While I encourage the students to do prescribed quiet activities during the time they are not playing, they are still in an immersive environment and therefore will still be learning essential skills. Students who don't get a chance to play one week will go first the next week.


Group Lessons (6-9 only)

During their Fine Arts rotation, two teachers' classes will be combined and then divided by grade. The students will rotate between Art, General Music and Strings. During the Strings rotation students will have Group Lesson. Students play in unison and in ensembles. They will explore rhythm, pitch and fundamentals of playing the violin in more detail. We will do coordination and sequencing activities.


TMES Orchestra (9-11 only)

On Fridays, each classroom will form an orchestra. For the first time, violas, violins and cellos will all get to play together! Students will practice reading music and ensemble skills in a friendly environment with Mr. James, who has been teaching the TMMS orchestra.


TMMS Orchestra (TMMS only)

TMMS students can choose one of three electives: Visual Art, General Music or Orchestra. Mr. James is the orchestra teacher. 


Video Resources on YouTube



All students are required to practice every day. There will be no formal practice charts. When your child receives a new assignment, there will be a detailed practice routine on the assignment sheet. Please follow this plan. The assignment sheet will be kept in your child's notebook. Students must bring their instrument home after every violin day.