Jeff Li
TMEMS Board President/Finance Committe/Audit Comitte

Jeff Li has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and an MBA in Human Resources / Organizational Development.  Jeff currently manages a professional and operations staff of 15 for PNM Resources.  He also has 14 years of experience in product / systems development and management at a financial institution. He has been on the council, on and off, since 2005 and is proud to have a son who is a TMES graduate and currently a student at Sandia Preparatory School.

Edward Gonzales

TMEMS Board Treasurer/ Finance committee Chair/Audit Committee Chair

Ed is retired from the Public Education Department where he was an Executive Budget Anyalis.

Jill Riester
TMEMS Board Member/Finance Committee

Jill Riester has been involved TMES since its beginning as a charter school in 2005. She has been a parent volunteer and has worked in the classroom as an Educational Assistant for a 6-9 classroom. Born in Albuquerque, Jill grew up in Oklahoma and has a BA from the University of Oklahoma. She is excited to continue her involvement with TMES as a new member of the Collaborative Council in 2013.

Joanne Li
TMEMS Board Secretary

Joanne Li has been a council member, on and off, since May 2005. Her son Alan attended TMES from pre-school through 5th grade and is now a graduate of Sandia Preparatory School. As a former parent volunteer, Joanne was always eager to volunteer in the classroom, book fair, jog-a-thon or field trips. Even though she no longer has a student at TMES she feels that serving on the council is her way of still volunteering her time to a truly wonderful learning environment for children. Joanne brings a wealth of knowledge to the council with her Bachelor of Business Administration from UNM and also her work experience in finance and accounting with QinetiQ North America and Hewlett Packard


Allie Sisneros

TMEMS Board Memeber

We would like to extend a special appreciation to our past Collaborative Council member, Spencer Visconti & Larry Espinoza.
Thank you for your many years of service to TMES!

Spencer Visconti

Spencer Visconti is a Systems Engineer who designs and troubleshoots telecommunication networks and equipment for Sandia Labs, Los Alamos Labs, Holloman AFB and various other Federal institutions throughout New Mexico and the Southwest.  Mr. Visconti also voluntarily serves on several Albuquerque Public School committees that focus on acquiring facilities and legislative needs for charter schools.  He was extremely instrumental in the process of obtaining our building. Mr. Visconti has served on our Board since February 2006. Spencer was the proud father of three TMES students.

Lawrence Espinoza

A native New Mexican from the Martinez Town neighborhood in Albuquerque, Lencho developed a love of culture, family, and heritage. He attended St. Charles Borromeo Elementary School, St. Pius X High School, and several years at the University of New Mexico. Lencho credits his love of community to his experiences in a small school environment during his formative years.
As exemplified in his personality and character, Lencho has an affinity for family, community, and relationships. He sits on the board for The Montessori Elementary School and remains actively involved in the soccer community. Lencho’s favorite activities include: spending quality time with his daughter Emma, playing soccer, photography, and cooking.
After several years in the restaurant management business, Lencho discovered the mortgage business in 2001 when a friend and eventual mentor encouraged him to consider the mortgage industry. Despite serving in an industry that is in a constant state of evolution, Lawrence’s successes stem from the relationships he fosters and maintains with his clients. As the General Manager for the Albuquerque Sol, Lawrence brings a great deal of knowledge from both the technical side and the business side. Relationships and community remain of the utmost importance to Lencho not matter what industry he is in.