Natural History Center In-Class Presentations with 6-9 classes

No upcoming dates for this event.

Sandia Mountain Natural History Center instructors will present a 1-hour lesson in classrooms about local animals. Students visit hands-on stations with animal "evidence" (skulls, tracks, fur) while recording their observations in a journal and figuring out what animal they come from.

Program includes discussion of topics including scientific inquiry and observation, adaptations, habitat, behavior, and biodiversity.


Mon. Dec. 4th

Ms. Trish: 1-2 pm

Ms. Kira/Ms. Laura:  2-3 pm


Tues. Dec. 12th

Ms. Sonia: 1-2 pm

Ms. Sarah: 2-3 pm


Wed. Dec. 13th

Ms. Jen: 1-2 pm

Mr. Seth: 2-3 pm

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